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Color Guide for Granite Memorials

These color samples are intended to represent the polished granite as closely as possible. However, as a unique natural product, the actual granite may vary slightly from the sample. Some granites are variegated and the direction of the grain in the actual granite may vary from the example images.

Blue Pearl
Blue Pearl (Norway)
Sierra White
Sierra White (California)
Rustic Mahogany
Rustic Mahogany (South Dakota) Variegated
Morning Rose
Morning Rose (Canada)
Rainbow (Minnesota) Variegated
St Cloud Gray
St. Cloud Gray (Minnesota)
Colonial Rose
Colonial Rose (Canada)
Royal Emerald
Royal Emerald (New York)
Jet Mist
Foxhill (Pennsylvania/Virginia) Variegated
Wausau (Wisconsin)
Royal Black
Royal Black (Canada)
Georgia Gray
Georgia Gray (Georgia)
Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose
Velvet Rose
Velvet Rose
Gray Swirl
Gray Swirl
Ocean Green
Ocean Green
Bahama Blue
Bahama Blue
American Bouquet
American Bouquet (South Dakota) Variegated
Sunset Red
Sunset Red (Texas)*
Maple Rose
Maple Rose (Brazil) Variegated*
Sunrise Red
Sunrise Red (Brazil)*
Rose Bud Red
Rose Bud Red (Africa)*
Starbright Black
Starbright Black (Africa)*
Royal Impala
Royal Impala (Canada)*
Nero Black
Nero Black (Africa)*
Academy Black
Academy Black (California)*
Mountain Red
Mountain Red (Texas)*
Barre Gray
Barre Gray (Vermont)*
Cherrywood (Brazil) Variegated*

Granite colors notated with an asterisk (*) are available for special order.

Note: Color samples were prepared using a calibrated monitor for best possible matching on properly configured computer displays.

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